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A Secret Guide To Success

Sharjeel Anees
2 min readOct 27, 2021


Standing around and thinking how to be successful.

You stand around and watch all the opportunities pass you sit there.

Maybe the next one off.

No I'm tired down maybe the next one and there comes somebody like me just jumps on the decent.

Maybe subsequent one ray who during this room is that male lion once you become fearless life becomes limitless.

The difference between me and everybody in this room is I have no fear of anything not physically, not mentally and not emotionally.

Psychologically whatever an adjective you under your views or even you're throwing a couple of advert.

I have no fear we take too much time procrastinating.

We're worried about what other people think.
We're trying to fit in and I can go through a whole litany a bush business not true litany of stuff.

Why you're where you're because you only didn't roll in the hay .

You didn't want to form an error you bought a mortgage you bought a two ex-wives you've a 15 year old daughter who's pregnant.

I can continue and on and on and on but rock bottom line is that if you had 15 years ago.

You had just done it 10 years ago you're just on it five years ago if you had just done it six months ago.

If you only done it you almost certainly wouldn't be within the position you're in now.

No matter what your age is it's still time to only leave and roll in the hay .

You're looking for a quick fix.

Does he think of life it's a journey. How good is the journey.

You tell me most people in this room and most people listen on YouTube have to come to the realization as sad as it is if you have urinated to entire life very simple that's it.

If you would like to make massive wealth if you only want to be a cheerful slappy housewife from Dundee or happy slappy bimbo from Toronto or a cheerful slappy guy who goes to the small League games and base to Arizona.

Then that's okay but if you would like to make some good money and money's not everything.

But if you do not think money can purchase happiness, you do not know with employment.

If you do not think money can purchase happiness, you do not know where to buy .

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